WonderArms Total Arm Workout System Review

The WonderArms – Total Arm Workout System for arms is a great addition to the fitness word, especially suited for women. Its design works to target the triceps muscles, although it is typically marketed as a product that works to fight the ongoing issue of underarm bulges that hang below the arms when they’re lifted. Using a single machine, you can skip the gym and work out at home instead. These resistance bands work to target the shoulders and arms while including a bit of the chest and back as well.

Special Features

Unique Workout

You’ll be able to enjoy a unique set of resistance movements that will help you specifically target the triceps, an area that can be difficult to isolate.

High-Calorie Burn

You’ll be able to burn large numbers of calories while also working the triceps, biceps, and shoulders.

Include the Back and Chest

The exercises also allow you to include your back and chest in the workout.

Three Levels

There are three resistance band levels, which mean that you can utilise three different levels of exercise; a beginner to a full athlete can all utilise the same machine.

Limit Joint Strain

Instead of risking damaging your joints with free weights, you can enjoy instant results without the risk.

Quick Results

The workout states that you can obtain results in mere minutes a day.


Fitness and Nutrition

When you place an order, you get a workout book and nutrition guide. This means that the company is aware of the role that nutrition can play in improving fitness.

Many of the time, when an individual struggles with a specific muscle group, it’s actually because of their diet. If they are overconsuming sugar, fat, or carbohydrates, the body may store the excess as simple sugars or convert it to fat. This means that one’s diet plays a large role in how easy it is to burn off excess weight.

However, proper nutrition helps the body burn excess fat and must include fat-soluble food items. As you add these foods to your diet, the body works to burn fat and then send the toxins in it to the remnants of those foods to be taken out of the body. This is just the first step in the process. You’ll next then need to tone what’s left with a specific exercise. This means that the exercises and a thorough nutritional guide work well together.


Avoid Anything Higher Than Three

Three power resistance bands are designed for all fitness levels. Once you’ve worked through all three, you’ll struggle to find fitness bands that are designed to fit the unit and won’t break from the added tension.

Hard Plastic

The item is made from hard plastic. This means that it can only endure so much flexibility. As you build up your power and resistance, it may cease to be as useful, or it may be more easy to break.

Good for a Single Workout

With this item, you’ll only be getting a single type of workout. This isn’t good for the entire body, and it’s not recommended for a single group of muscles. The more you vary your exercise, the healthier you’ll be. It’s important to use all of your muscle groups in many different ways. If you limit yourself to a single exercise, you won’t be able to reach the muscles in a variety of ways. This means that some areas of that muscle are targeted, while others aren’t touched at all.

The results will vary from one person to the next. If you work out at a gym or work with a personal fitness trainer, you may have significantly better results than when you work out alone at home.

Save Time

It can be a big inconvenience to drag yourself to the gym on your days off. This is especially true if your schedule is already full of work, dinners, childcare, and other appointments. This type of system will save you time, providing you with the freedom to do your workouts from your own home and eliminating time spent commuting to the gym.