Weight Loss

Almost everyone wishes they could shed weight like shedding clothes and often look for so called magic pill to help them lose weight. They have to realize that there is no easy way to truly lose weight. Although in saying that, it doesn’t mean that there is no way to help you along a little bit in your weight loss journey. When you follow a healthier diet and exercise regime, the addition of weight loss supplements can often help you lose much more than you otherwise would have.

Weight Loss Supplements Mechanisms

There are numerous weight loss solutions in the form of supplements in the market. They can be pills, drugs or natural supplements. All these supplements are classified mainly by the mechanism they use for weight loss. There are 3 main mechanisms by weight loss supplement manufacturers ensure that you get the desired results.

Reduce the appetite: These supplements have properties that when consumed signal to the brain to indicate that a person is full, consequently causing them to eat less.

Reduce the absorption: They help to reduce the absorption of calorie rich parts of your diet like fat.

Increase Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): The amount of energy your body consumes when at rest is the basal metabolic rate. Certain supplement raises the persons BMR and thus helps to burn more calories throughout the day.

You can find many weight loss pills in Walmart, but make sure you know what you are buying. Listed below are our top natural weight loss supplements that are proven to help with tackling weight issues.

Green Tea or its Extract

The most common herbal supplement used to help with fat burning is Green Tea. It contains caffeine and antioxidants that help to curb the appetite and raising the BMR, thus helping to lose weight. Although, it is advised not to take excessive quantities as it can cause agitation, insomnia, nausea and a few other symptoms associated with excess caffeine consumption. On the other hand, the caffeine content in green tea is only 1/10 th of that present in coffee. As long as it is taken in moderation, the benefits outweigh the risks, especially if you are considering replacing your daily coffee with the green tea.


Carnitine is an amino acid which helps reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. The chemical helps by making the body use up to its fat reserves to create energy thus helping a user get leaner faster without losing muscle definition. Used in moderation L-carnitine is considered safe for usage. It has a side effect of causing the breath or sweat to smell fishy. If used excessively it can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and heartburn.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones help to increase the BMR and also help the release of the adiponectin hormone which helps the body burn fat and curbs the apatite at the same time. This is the chemical that gives raspberries its distinctive aroma. This supplement when taken regularly has the ability to keep the liver healthier. As always excessive use can lead to side effects such as increased blood pressure, jittering and rapid heartbeat. So people with a high blood pressure or heart issues should consult a doctor before using the supplement.


Glucomannan is a soluble fiber which when consumed helps to fill the stomach up faster. It slows down the digestion of the food and decreases the appetite and bad cholesterol level with its soluble fibers. It also makes for a perfect laxative at the same time as aiding in weight loss. It has been proven to help promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut and is known as a probiotic. Due to its high fiber content, caution must be taken not to consume an excess, which can cause bloating and cramping etc. If you have any health contraindications like diabetes and thyroid etc., it is better to consult a doctor before consuming.


Ephedra is a herb which has properties that mimic the neurotransmitter. As adrenaline affects the cardiovascular system, it has to be well regulated when used. It enhances the amount of energy that is available to the body helping to improve performance during exercise. Due to its intense effects, it is recommended to only use this product under the strict regulation of a medical professional. This product should be avoided entirely if suffering from a heart condition.

Yohimbine HCL

Yohimbine HCL is a vasodilator, i.e., it increases blood flow throughout the body, this helps to boost the mobility of the fatty acids in the body.It is known to be an aphrodisiac and also helps to boost the BMR of a person along with the additional boost to the energy levels. This drug due to its vasodilating properties has a tendency to thin the blood and increase the risk of bleeding. Contraindications of the product are to never use the product with psychiatry prescribed drugs as it has a tendency to enhance the effects of schizophrenia. It is recommended to take this only under the guidance of a doctor.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate helps to balance the calcium and glucose levels in the blood and prevents hypoglycemia during a workout. It helps to keep the heart healthy and boosts the energy levels to help to put in more energy into your workout. It also balances a person’s energy throughout the day. Excessive consumption can cause abdominal discomfort and mild diarrhea.

Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss — Safe and Effective

These weight loss supplements suggested all usually have dosages that are mild and just help to boost your weight loss efforts. None of them are harmful unless you have any prior health conditions like diabetes or hypertension. Unless used excessively, these supplement usually tend not to have any major side effects. There are some supplements that suit some people better than others, if you want to try them, it is worth it to at least try them out to find the best one that suits you. But remember, there are no magical size 0 weight loss pills

Consider the weight loss pills pros and cons which include the cost, the desired effect that you want, the availability etc., before buying the best supplement for you.

How Do Diet Supplements Work

The mechanism to lose weight can be of many types. There are various methods to losing weight, either by exercise, by diet balance or by diet supplements. A weight loss supplement comes in handy when the schedule is too tight for a person to even fit in exercise episodes. However, weight loss supplements can be of many types, in the form of pills, powder or drinks. They need to be taken in also by maintaining a certain predetermined diet which makes it easy for the supplement to work. All the fat within the body is ejected out of the body in the form of bowels or urine. So, before they are excluded from the body, the mechanism they follow includes:

Increasing Fat Burning

It basically takes place as the metabolism increases. These supplements help in breaking down the fat by releasing them in the form of energy. This happens when the body metabolism increases. This is released from the body in the form of urine.

Absorption is reduced

The calorie intake is reduced as the absorption of fat and other nutrients is slowed down. This will help in prevention of water retention which might increase body weight.

Reduction of appetite

As the metabolism of the body increases, the need for the body to intake much food also reduces. As the appetite is reduced, food cravings reduce. This can be made sure by also drinking lots of fluids. This expels the fat and other toxic elements from the body.

Different Forms of Weight Supplements


Fruits whose skin consists of Hydroxycitric Acid are usually refined in the form of powder, drinks or pills. This skin can also be intaken raw as HCA has a tendency for the growth of an enzyme which is responsible to inhibit a fat producing enzyme. This increases the serotonin levels in the body which helps in reducing food cravings.

This is considered as the safest mechanism as it usually does not have any side effects on intake. Research has not detected any side effects till date.

Caffeine Drinks

Caffeine is intaken in the form of energy drinks or coffee. However, black coffee is said to be more effective as it has the capacity to increase metabolism. This keeps the person energetic throughout the day. As energetic the person can be, this also reduces food cravings. Hence, it is easier for caffeine to burn fat by up to 30%. Caffeine is a safe option when it comes to weight loss drinks. Initially black coffee or caffeinated supplements might cause insomnia or disturbed sleep pattern. However, this reduces gradually as the body becomes receptive to the properties of caffeine.


Pills which are taken as a weight loss supplement works as an effective way to decrease the appetite or food cravings of a person. This in turn will increase the metabolism of the body. These pills burn the fat in the body and is rejected from the body in the form of bowels or urine. This might increase the number of times bowel rejection from the body. However, it does not cause any side effects like nausea or weakness.

Safety of Weight Supplements

Metabolism Increase

The intake of a weight loss supplement increases the serotonin levels of the body hence which helps in burning fat. This does not cause any side effects as the body functions are altered naturally. This helps in inhibiting fat inducing enzymes.

Natural way of rejection from the body

As the metabolism of the body increases, they break down the fat in the form of releasing energy. This is rejected from the body in the form of perspiration, urine or bowels. This is the safest method as it does not affect the functions of the body.

Change in diet to help the mechanism

When one has to change diet, it does not mean the person needs to be on a crash diet. Such diets are considered harmful as it induces the HCl in the gut to perforate through the stomach. However, changing the diet by balancing it with equal amounts of proteins, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins. This balanced diet helps in controlling the hormone levels in the body which tends to change on intake of supplements for weight loss. This is effective as it keeps the person’s food patterns intact by causing appetite loss prevention and preventing it to cause as a health problem.

In Conclusion

Weight loss supplements are sometimes tested to provide with negative results, however, using the right pills and fruits or drinks, one can attain this fitness regime perfectly. One might not be able follow an exercise pattern, however, tested supplements are researched to cause no side effects. These are a savior to people who want to opt for a controlled weight loss. According this, the diet and exercise can also be attempted easily in order to hasten the process of weight loss.

Weight Loss Supplement Customer Reviews

A Lot of solutions for weight-loss is available there in the today’s world. Some include taking pills, losing weight by natural means, and intake of drugs. These solutions help us to lose the body weight by following on certain mechanisms like burning the fat, suppressing the appetite, increasing the metabolism level, etc. thus by making our body looks slimmer and offer sexy shape. In this article, let us discuss some type of pills which help people in reducing their body weight.


A perfect solution for weight loss that helps people to get a slim, super-fit and sexy body is nothing other than a unique supplement named PhenQ. This helps to burn the fat and increase metabolism which is an effective way to lose weight. The combined combination of 7 ingredients makes up the secret formula (PhenQ) for the weight loss. They are:

Capsimax Power – With the availability of capsicum, caffeine, niacin, and piperine increases the burning of storage of fats and also the production of fats.

Calcium Carbonate – results in effective growth of bones.

Chromium Picolinate – Helps to limit the carbohydrate and sugar content present which suppress the appetite.

Caffeine – Provides alertness in order to gain energy for performing exercise.

L-Carnitine Furmarate – Helps in converting fat into energy.

Nopal – Consists of amino acids which helps in controlling the appetite.

A-Lacys Reset – Helps in increasing the mass of the muscles.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps in burning the fat stored in the body and stops producing fat.
  • This helps to intake less foods and cut calories which suppress the appetite.
  • Better result than any other products available in current market.
  • Improves the level of energy and the mood to reduce the weight in the body.


  • This product is very easy to use which consists of a total of 60 pills in every bottle.
  • Can be purchased at an affordable cost.
  • The ingredient a-Lacys Reset helps to reduce the weight loss which is a scientifically proven one.


Once after stop using this product, it is not sure that the users can maintain their weight after reducing it. Some users have experienced slight head-ache once after taking this pill because of the availability of caffeine content.


Phen375 diet pills have eight magic ingredients to reduce weight and to burn the fat. For reducing the fat cells two ingredients are mainly used. They are L-Carnitine (an amino acid) and Coleus Forskohlii which helps in burning of fat and in increasing the circulation of blood. For suppressing appetite mainly two ingredients are used. They are Caffeine Anhydrous and Citrus Aurantium which helps to increase the metabolism. Capsicum is used as another ingredient which helps to juice up the thermogenesis. For the improvement of the health, the next two ingredients named Calcium Carbonate, Chromium Picolinate, and Nobile is used.

Features and Benefits

  • Helps in suppressing the appetite to take better intake of food.
  • Increases the body metabolism and helps to gain energy.
  • This product is made up of high-quality ingredients and also it is an FDA Certified product.
  • It is packed with videos and diet plans which makes the user to learn its advantages easily.


  • The weight loss can be nearly 20 pounds per month when using this product.
  • Developed with 8 important ingredients that helps our body to reduce the weight.
  • It comes at an affordable cost for the users to buy this product.


The users have experienced many side effects while using this product like elevation of blood level in the body, increase in heart beat rates, sleep patterns may get changed, and slight dizziness at the initial stage.

Raspberry Ketone Plus

This product is a chemical product from raspberries which helps to affect a hormone named adiponectin in turn helps in burning of fat and reducing the appetite. But there is a fact that, whether Raspberry reduces weight loss, because still no humans are tested with this. This pills contains more level of anti-oxidents which keeps the body to work healthier. By using this product, will helps to reduce the risk of type2 diabetes in the body.

Features and Benefits

  • Ingredients like Green Tea, Acai Berry and African Mango are available which helps in reducing the weight in the body.
  • Increases the adiponectin to burn the fat thus by gaining weight loss in the body.
  • It increases the body’s metabolism thus by changing the fat to energy.


  • No side effects when using this Raspberry Ketone Plus pills.
  • Some of the ingredients used in this product is clinically tested by the manufacturers to reduce weight loss.
  • Caffeine-free
  • Safe for Vegetarians
  • 30 Day money-back guaratee


  • Like with most supplements you will be required to drink 2-3 litres of water per day.
  • Some people may suffer from bloating and constipation issues.


This product helps in reducing the fats of the body thus by improves the metabolism of the body to the higher level. This also used for suppressing the appetite. The manufacturer of Hiprolean is Evolution Slimming UK and this product is manufactured by using most important ingredients like dimethyl-pentylamine- hydrochloride, anhydrous, and caffeine.

Dimethyl is clinically tested and it has been proved as a weight loss component which helps in providing metabolism to the body.

Features and Benefits

  • One of the powerful pill to suppress the appetite and charge up the metabolism of the body.
  • Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are available in this product which helps in gaining more energy.
  • This pill when consuming enhances the mental ability or sharpness thus by supplying more energy.
  • Free from all sort of hormone content available that affect the body health.


  • This product has money-back guarantee option available with it.
  • Caffeine which is used here is clinically tested and is proven that it helps to reduce the fat burn.
  • Longer work-out sessions can be handled because of the energy produced by this product.
  • Enhances the metabolism activity in a natural way comparing to other products.


  • The users have experienced mild side effects like a headache, nausea once took more dosage than the recommended level.


This product offers users with two pills both for the day and the night time. If using this product with required workouts, diet foods, proper sleep, etc. this product yield good result for the users. This product works continually in the night and day times thus by reducing the fat and increasing the metabolism in the human body.

Features and Benefits

  • It helps the body to make slim and also provide perfect slim look.
  • Used in promoting good sleep and also increases the metabolism level.
  • Caffeine, Copper Sulphate, Iodine, Zinc, Guarana extract, Manganese are the ingredients available in the day pill of Phen-24.
  • Biotin, Green Tea, Glucomannan, Pantothenic Acid, Chromium Picolinate, and etc. are the ingredients available in the night pill.


  • Increases the metabolism rate and helps to have better sleep.
  • This product boost up the energy which has the ability to burn all the calories present in the body.
  • This is very easy to use and this offers users with money-back guarantee.
  • The best weight loss product that works for the complete 24/7 hours.


There are chances for allergic reaction for some sensitive users when in taking this pills. The solution is that just cut-off the intake of caffeine products from other sources.

Final Verdict

If the users need more detailed information, they can check the official websites which provide more information about these products. PhenQ is one of the best products when compared to other products for losing weight in the human body. The list of 7 ingredients present in the pill provides more energy gain and increase the metabolism in the body.

When taking the doses as recommended may yield a good result with no side effects. All these above-mentioned products enhance the health of the body by providing sufficient energy with good result. Hope, this article benefit the users to gain knowledge and make good decisions regarding the best products available in the market.

Importance of Physical Exercise to Boost the Benefits of Weight Loss Supplements

Some makers of weight loss supplements claim that you don’t need to change your diet or perform a physical exercise to achieve weight loss with their products while others recommend that their products should be combined with a well-balanced diet and exercise. It is highly possible that they are telling the truth, including the non-exercise weight loss supplements. However, even if exercise is not recommended, diet pill users should also include it in their weight loss plan.

How Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Most traditional weight loss products available on the market encourage weight loss by either suppressing the appetite, preventing the absorption of carbohydrates, or blocking the absorption of fat by the body. Fat burners, on the other hand, are a bit different in giving you weight loss advantage. It contains stimulants that can help quicken your metabolism such as PEA, Ephedrine, and Caffeine.

With fat burning pills, you can burn lots of calories even if you are just resting because the stimulants elevate your heart rate. Using the pill with sensible diet and exercise the potential effects of the weight loss supplements will be multiplied and they become more effective in burning fat and shedding weight. Which means, if you want to see the best results the soonest time with your diet pill, you need to supplement it with these important components.

Why the Need for a Healthy Eating Plan?

To get the best results in your overall weight loss plan, you need to make an effort. No weight loss supplement on Earth can give a miracle and make all the extra weight go without any effort from the user. What’s the point of taking supplements when you are eating ice cream and donuts? Even prescription diet pills cannot block and burn all that excess calories that you continuously consume. You have to consistently follow a nutrition program if you want to achieve any results. Any nutrition program you choose is fine as most of them are really effective especially if you stay on it long enough to get any benefits.

Why is Physical Exercise Important?

It is highly recommended that you increase your weight loss efforts with regular exercise. Choose an exercise that you found entertaining so you can stick to it for long. Moderate to strenuous cardiovascular exercise can help you build lean muscles and boost your metabolism which could make those excess pounds simply melt away. If you add weight training to your workout plan, it will increase the effects of the weight loss supplements that you take and the diet plan that you follow.

Weight loss can weaken your bones and make your skin sag. But if you have an exercise regimen, your bones will not deteriorate while losing weight. You can strengthen it with regular exercise. Sagging skin especially if you have lost so much weight cannot be resolved by exercise alone and you might need a tummy tuck, breast lift, or face lift to address them completely. However, regular exercise can lessen skin sagging. You might not need cosmetic surgery for your thighs and arms anymore.

Keeping to an exercise routine will build and tone the muscle and the best way to keep the pounds off completely. The muscle is very active and can spend excess calories before your body can store them as fat. So if you want to get weight loss results for the long term, it is a must that you exercise regularly too, during supplement taking and until you have ceased taking it already.

Weight loss supplements give you an advantage by controlling your appetite, blocking the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, burning the accumulated fat, and boosting your metabolism and energy levels. But to achieve fast and long term weight loss, you have to make dietary changes and maintain a regular physical exercise.

Rise of Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

The apple cider vinegar is gaining popularity as a natural aid to weight loss. It has been known for its preventative and curative properties years and years ago. Scientific research found that it can also help people to lose weight. The most interesting finding was published in 2009 at the Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry which revealed that ingesting 2 tablespoons of ACV daily for a three-month period can cause a remarkable reduction in abdominal fat, body weight, triglycerides, and waist circumference.

Weight Loss Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar or ACV is created from distilled and fermented crushed apples and the resulting liquid contains high acetic acid. It supports weight loss through the following:

  • Suppressing the appetite. ACV can reduce food eating by making you feel full fast. A 2005 study found that the more acetic acid a person takes, the fuller they feel.
  • Preventing blood sugar spikes and crashes. Apple cider vinegar can stabilize your blood sugar which can prevent you from eating snacks between meals.
  • Preventing accumulation of fat. A 2009 Japanese study concluded that acetic acid consumption prevents the storage of excess fat by the body.
  • Impacting the insulin secretion. Scientists stated that apple cider vinegar might work like some anti-diabetes drugs in controlling type 2 diabetes.
  • Detoxifying the body. ACV maximizes the use of food nutrients ingested by the body by flushing out toxins and improving bowel movement.

Best Type of ACV to Use

The best apple cider vinegar to use for weight loss is the raw, unprocessed type. It should still contain the “mother” – the cloudy particles that float around the vinegar which retains most of ACV’s health benefits.

How to Use ACV to Lose Weight

It is best to include ACV in your diet slowly if you haven’t tried it before. You can start with one teaspoon of ACV added to a cup of water that you drink daily. Then increase the amount of ACV daily until you reach the recommended daily intake of 2 tablespoons. It should be diluted with water in order to protect the enamel of your teeth and the lining of your throat and stomach. ACV is very acidic therefore it can do more harm than good if taken straight without diluting first in water.

You can add honey to improve the flavor or mix it with teas. Honey is also beneficial to health and combining it with ACV will increase the goodness they can produce. Aside from adding ACV to water or teas, you can also incorporate ACV to your salads, soups, or pickles. You can drink ACV one hour before breakfast or after eating. If you are nauseated or felt burning sensation when taking ACV on empty stomach then, drink it after eating instead.

Apple cider vinegar is safe to consume if you follow the recommended daily amount. Too much of it can lower your potassium levels and can cause osteoporosis. Rinse your mouth after drinking ACV and refrain from immediately brushing teeth afterward. It can also cause side effects when taken with other medications so make sure that you get doctor’s approval before starting with ACV.

Why Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Is Not the Best Option for Losing Weight?

With the continuous rise of obesity problem on most countries especially the US, people are trying to shed pounds but are failing wretchedly. Knowing the risks to the health of being too overweight, some people thought that bariatric surgery is the ultimate solution for them to lose weight. But, is it really the answer?

Bariatric surgery is the term used to explain the operation performed to people who want to lose weight by changing their digestive system in some fashion. There are three types of bariatric surgery that is widely used nowadays:

  • Gastric band surgery involves placing a ring with an inner inflatable band on the top of the stomach to make a pouch and reduce the stomach size in the process. This will make the patient feel full faster and eat less.
  • Gastric sleeve surgery requires removal of the whole stomach to make the patient feel full easier.
  • Gastric bypass surgery involves rerouting digestion by stapling the stomach to make a pouch in the upper section that will serve as stomach to make the patient eat less and feel full quickly. The surgeon will cut the small intestine and attach it to the pouch directly so that food will skip these parts preventing absorption of more calories in the process.

However, there, are dangers to all types of bariatric surgery. In the gastric band, there will be frequent visits to the hospital because the band needs to be adjusted. If the body will not adapt to it, the band will have to be replaced or removed. The gastric sleeve, on the other hand, is irreversible. There’s a high chance of vitamin shortage and a higher risk of surgery-related issues. Gastric bypass is very hard to reverse and the health risks are similar to gastric sleeve.

Bariatric surgery is not for everyone because if you are a food addict, it will not fix your problem. The patient who underwent this surgery can still gain weight; will experience dumping syndrome due to the very quick passage of food from the stomach to small bowel; will be at high risk for gallstones formation, malnutrition, and re-operation. There will be changes in metabolism and gut bacteria that can lead to leaky gut, dementia, arthritis, and heart disease.

Better Options than Bariatric Surgery

There are better options than bariatric surgery such as taking the right weight loss supplements, having a nutritious diet, and keeping to a regular exercise routine. You can work with a doctor or dietitian to create a weight loss plan that will include these three to make losing weight, safe, steady, and for long-term. Bariatric surgery is not the best option. Using weight loss supplements alone is not the best either. You need to take the effort like changing your diet and becoming more physically active if you want to see results that go a long way.

Do Meal Replacement Shakes and Smoothies Work?

Meal replacement shakes and smoothies help you lose weight by replacing one or two regular meals a day and reduce possible overeating. This is a convenient option for people who have no cooking skills and have no time to prepare food due to their busy lifestyles.

According to experts, shakes and smoothies do give you reasonable nutrition but they were not designed to completely replace regular eating. There is evidence that they can help you lose weight but they have to be used as instructed. In order to lose weight, one has to eat sensibly while taking meal replacement shake and smoothies and the meal must be portion-controlled. Based on the evidence, meal replacement shakes and smoothies do help in weight loss for a year at the most. However, like other weight loss products you can still regain weight after stopping the use of the pill. Also, not all shakes can help you lose weight because some are high in kilojoules and sugar.

Why You Can’t Rely on Shakes and Smoothies for Long Term

These meal replacement shakes and smoothies are very convenient to use but replacing regular meals with them completely will not be good. You will not learn to eat healthily and keep the weight off for a long time. Shakes lack in fiber and phytonutrients that you can only get from fruits and vegetables. Meal replacement shakes come in different tasty flavors but if you eat like that all of the time you will get taste fatigue. You will miss how real food tastes like their smells and their textures. You will also miss out on the social aspects of food eating. Humans like to eat out and enjoy sitting down together and eat real food, and if you only take shakes and smoothies, chances are you will not be as socially active as you were before.

If you want to lose weight, look for meal replacement shakes and smoothies that are high in fiber and protein but low in sugar content. These will keep you satiated longer and will prevent you to eat high-calorie snacks in between meals.

Doctors and dietitians recommend meal replacement shakes and smoothies for short term only because they can’t give the same quality of nutrition that whole foods can give. So if you lose weight when taking them, you’ll probably regain the weight once you stop using them.

Therefore, like weight loss supplements, you should use meal replacement shakes and smoothies in conjunction with healthy diet and regular exercise to achieve the best results for long-term.