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get rid of moobs with gynetrolMen who work their chests excessively in the gym can be prone to a condition called gynecomastia. If this is something that concerns you and you feel that your workouts are reason for your chest to be over enlarged, Gynectrol can help.

This condition also referred to as man boobs can be caused by excess fatty tissue being stored over the pectoral muscles. Not being able to get rid of these body fats can cause your chest to look disproportionate with the rest of your upper body. If this sounds familiar to you, then you may already have gynecomastia.

Gynectrol can help to reverse man boobs into something that looks much more appealing.

What Exactly is Gynectrol?

gynectrol canadaCrazy Bulk who is a renowned legal steroid manufacturer, owns, manufactures and distributes this product. This particular supplement was designed to counterbalance the condition, Gynecomastia. This supplement is made from synergistic formula design to target the subcutaneous tissues of the mammary glands, countering the possibility of developing gynecomastia.

Health Benefits of Gynectrol

  • Reduction of male breast size
  • Chest appearance improves
  • Lowers overall body fat
  • Helps intense training to prevent gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Facts

This condition happens when there is excess growth of breast tissue, not an excess of fat tissue, causing the growth of abnormally large breasts in men It is not that uncommon during puberty and typically goes away after some time.

It can cause uneven proportions as it can affect both breasts or just one. More and more bodybuilders and athletes are being affected by this as they intentionally build muscles to the chest essentially through lack of testosterone.

When testosterone production is imbalanced it can cause gynecomastia. It can also happen when there is a hormonal imbalance between estrogen and testosterone.

There are natural caused to this condition such as anabolic steroid use, aging, kidney failure, marijuana use, cancer chemotherapy, chronic liver disease, exposure to estrogen hormone and some others.

Gynectrol was formulated to neutralize the estrogenic conversion rapidly reducing the enlarged breast portion of your chest. If you suffer from gynecomastia, then Gynectrol may be the perfect solution.

Ingredients  of Gynectrol

Gynectrol is not made with any toxic steroidal drugs or harmful chemicals, only 100% natural ingredients.

Gynectrol IngredientsIts healing blend of 500mg per serving consists of green tea extract, chromium, sclareolides seed extract, caffeine, theobromine and guggulsterones.

The inactive ingredients are magnesium stearate and gelatin capsule.

Here’s How Gynectrol Works

To effectively combat gynecomastia you have to lower your body fat and put forth a major effort on your weight training. The more intense your workouts the more muscle you build and the less fat. This is what will counteract man boobs.

Gynectrol boosts the production of testosterone while limiting estrogen hormones. This will speed up the reversal of your chest issues. It will also raise endurance, physical performance and energy, assisting your workouts.

A closer look into the ingredients of Gynectrol will provide insight to how it actually works and how it can prevent and get rid of man boobs.


This ingredient is great for energy. It works directly in your central nervous system, which stimulates it resulting in more focus, an elevated mood, energy and physical performance.

Green Tea

Green tea will keep your body fat stabile. There is 125mg per serving of green tea found in Gynectrol, so along with diet and exercise it can trigger your process of thermogenic to get rid of body fat fast. Green tea is also high in antioxidants that improve your immune system to help fight diseases.


This ingredient is also referred to as gugul and is found in India from a gum resin of mukul tree. It helps to lower cholesterol, prevents atherosclerosis, weight loss, acne and fights arthritis. Crazy Bulk probably added it to the ingredients to bring down the swelling and redness of the skin due to acne.


This ingredient is better known as cocoa and comes from the plant which chocolate is made from. It is also full with potent antioxidants called flavonoids.

Reasearch has shown that theobromine can in some ways help with weight loss, especially when you combine regular exercise and a sensible diet.

Sclareolides Seed Extract

This could possibly be the secret ingredient in Gynectrol. This ingredient derives from a plant extract known for its powerful adenylate cyclase activator. This is similar to and perhaps even better than forskolin.

Sclareolides is a stimulant to adenylate cyclase that is independent of beta 2 receptors meaning it provides the maximum effects including cyclic AMP increase.

Nitrogen retention is increased when your cyclic AMP is elevated, leading to more lean muscle mass while at the same time increasing fat breakdown.

It can also help to regulate blood pressure and provide antidepressant and anti-thrombotic effects. Sclareolides leads to more production of testosterone, helping your situation with man boobs.


This ingredient is essential for human health as it contain chromium. Chromium improves blood sugar levels that help with those suffering from diabetes controlling their sugar levels.

It also can be used for weight loss, depression and bad cholesterol. Because it levels your blood sugar levels it can control your sugar cravings. The less you add unwanted foods to your diet the faster you will lose weight.

Does Gynectrol Help Gynecomastia?

Considering the ingredients and formula it can most definietely aid in the reduction of Gynecomastia with no known side effects.

If you are a bodybuilder or athlete that suffers from this condition, this powerful dietary supplement can help increase the production of testosterone and boost your energy to counteract increased fat and breast tissues.

How could you not burn fat and lose weight fast with this powerful formula containing theobromine, guggulsterones, green tea and caffeine?

The ingredient sclarolides guarantees increased lean muscle mass while at the same time boosting testosterone production. Add to that chromium to level blood sugar decreasing your sugar cravings, you have one potent supplement for weight loss and help with gynecomastia.

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Is Gynectrol Safe?

There are no known side effects from using Gynectrol as it contains 100% natural ingredients. The reviews from customers are nothing but positive also claiming satisfied results.

However, because it does contain small amounts of green tea and caffeine which are stimulants, it can have effects such as dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath and nausea. It is always best to consult with your healthcare provider before adding any dietary supplements.

Only Use as Directed

There are 60 tablets in each bottle of Gynectrol and if used ad directed that lasts for fifteen days. CrazyBulk’s recommendation is taking one tablet three times a day with meals, even on days you don’t workout.

On the days you workout, they recommend taking it 30 to 45 minutes prior to your workout. For best results use Gynectrol for at least two months.

It is very important not to exceed the recommended dosage. They suggest workout periods to be 2 months on then one and half weeks off. This product is not toxix to the kidneys or liver.

Gynectrol Summary

Gynectrol has a powerful formula that is made of clinically proven and natural ingredients along with testosterone boosters. All of these can help with gynecomastia.

Why Take Gynectrol?

  1. Thermogenic effects to burn fat fast
  2. Promotes production of testosterone
  3. Raises focus, mood, energy physical performance and endurance
  4. No harmful side effects
  5. Money back guarantee
  6. Purchasing Gynectrol

You will not find Gynectrol in any local health food stores, nor any online retailers. This supplement can only be purchased directly from Crazy Bulk’s official website.

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