Definitive Guide to Muscle Building

Having a lean and well-built body is everyone’s dream. Isn’t it? Many times you too would have wanted and tried to build that perfect masculine body which you have always dreamt of. This is quite common with all of us, but like most of the people, you too must have left your dream mid-way because of the hard work and tougher walking path. If this is the case with you, then there is no more the need to leave your passion anywhere behind. You can now develop muscles of the body and can get into the desired shape with the natural bodybuilding techniques and methods.

The very basic question that is in every beginner’s mind is how to build muscle and focus on getting the right muscle growth. It is very important to find the right bodybuilding tips when you are starting with the bodybuilding process to get the right and desired results without many difficulties. Many people would suggest you different ways for your muscular development, but you must carefully decide the one that suits your body and delivers you with the best possible results without wasting your energies and time in the wrong direction.

Building muscles are one of the easiest tasks when you are getting the right guidance for the same but can be very tricky if you are getting the wrong information and tips for the same. Muscle building is not just about lifting weights in the gym, but it is focusing on the right weight training and weightlifting workouts along with finding the right muscle building diet. Building muscle is a much wider aspect to consider which affect your bodybuilding program which will ultimately give you the much-needed

Things to be motivated during your bodybuilding process: It is imperative to feel motivated when starting with the bodybuilding routine so that you can implement the same for a longer period. It will also help you in knowing the best ways about how to build body more quickly. Thus you must focus on these essential factors once you have decided to start with the bodybuilding training for the effective results:

  1. Understand your body: The most important thing to be considered before beginning with the workout is to understand the basic needs and structure of your body. Your body is not same as anyone and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Thus, the muscle building workout will be different for your body than any other individual.
  2. Do not compare: It is pretty obvious that you compare your outcome with others but let us warn you this is not good while your bodybuilding workout. You must also not compare your progress with anyone else as you have your own as it can lead you to disappointments. You should understand that all the bodies have their own pace to respond to muscle building workout plan.
  3. Set goals: This is the basic necessity that you should not miss at the beginning. You must set up some small and achievable goals to satisfy your desires of fitness and bodybuilding. Make sure that you set up smaller goals in the beginning and then set high goals once you get used to with the training and process.
  4. Stabilize your diet: Along with putting all your efforts on the various weight lifting exercises, you must focus on muscle building diet. Also, you can include the various bodybuilding supplements that can help in enhancing the entire process of bodybuilding.
  5. Do not compromise health: In the desire of having lean muscle and to have instant muscle gain, never compromise your health. It is practically useless to build your muscle mass and to get some serious illness later. To take care of your health, make sure you choose the best bodybuilding supplements and the bodybuilding nutrition for building the muscles along with taking care of your health.
  6. Consult your doctor: Before starting any new weight lifting routine or workout meals and bodybuilding protein, you must see your doctor. Be sure that all these new changes will suit your body and will leave you with no side-effects with the advice of the physician.

It is very easy to get the right answers for how to gain muscle question if you are following the right guidance, methods, and training for the same. Besides that these basic factors that you must keep in your mind when focusing on developing your muscles, there are a lot of other aspects that you must focus on.

Some of the important aspects of the bodybuilding for beginners are as follows:

  • Focusing on the question of how to build muscle fast
  • What is the best way to build muscle
  • Understanding how muscles grow
  • Focusing on what to eat to gain muscle

Important Tips to Build Muscles Faster and Efficiently

To build muscle fast and to be the right and appropriate example of muscle builder here are some of the tips that you must keep in your mind. These tips will not only make the entire process easy but will also help you in getting fast and instant results without compromising of any of the fronts. Have a look at the following tips:

  1. Be stronger: For becoming a muscle gainer, you must first be strong. The best bodybuilders have this thing clear in their mind that more muscles can only be achieved with more strength. Include all those exercises in your weight training program that can give you the maximum strength. You can include squats, bench press, deadlift, etc. in your muscle gain workout.
  2. Focus more on weights: You must focus on lifting more weights in your exercise routine. Lifting more weights will help you to develop the overall muscle mass, and as a result, it will deliver more strength to you. Thus, your weight lifting program must focus on adding more weights on the bar.
  3. Choose the right exercise: It is critical to choose the right exercise for the body weight training. You must focus on focus on selecting the compound exercises that affect multiple muscle areas at the same time. This will turn as the perfect muscle mass gainer and will provide you with the desired strength and muscle growth.
  4. Increase frequency: Don’t keep yourself limited to a specific number of times when doing any exercise. When you are looking for the answer of how to gain muscle fast, then you must always focus on increasing your frequency of doing the exercise. Increase the number of exercises that you are doing along with the number of times you are doing them. This will target the muscle area faster and will speed up the process to build the muscles.
  5. Take sufficient rest: We know you want to get that lean shape faster by doing a lot of exercises but besides doing the exercise you must also focus on giving sufficient amount of rest to your body. Just like your mind your body also needs rest to recover from the heavy workout sessions and its impact.
  6. Take more meals: There would be many people who will tell you to skip some of your meals during your workout sessions, but this is not the right way for moving ahead. Bodybuilding meals are a must have for everybody. You must never compromise with your meals but should focus on adding more muscle building foods to each meal so that they can yield maximum benefits to you. You can also include the muscle building supplements in your diet plan for enhancing the results.
  7. Protein Intake: Along with taking more meals and balanced food, it is also important to provide your body with the right amount of protein to build muscle. Proteins are an essential ingredient that helps you in building muscle mass to get an attracting personality. Therefore, your muscle building diet plan must keep a balance between the required amount of protein and bodybuilding meals.
  8. Be patient: You just cannot turn into a bodybuilder the minute you start. You need to be patient with your mass building workout for seeing the best result. Bodybuilding is not an easy task but requires a lot of effort and time to give you your desired efforts. Don’t lose hope if you are taking some time in getting the desired results.
  9. Be consistent: Along with being patient, you should also be consistent in your exercising routine. No matter how much effort it requires and how much hard work you may have to put you must never give up with your workout sessions. Consistency is the answer to the concerning question of how to build muscles.
  10. Avoid injuries: Don’t get yourself injured while doing any of the workouts to lose fat and gain muscle. Understand the technique of doing the exercise and then try your hands on that. In this way, you will avoid getting hurt or injured during your workouts.

Benefits of Compound Exercises for Muscle Muilding

As mentioned earlier compound exercises or the exercises that let you a target number of muscles are the best exercises. But what actually makes them the best than the other set of exercise? These are the exercise that helps you to use more amounts of weights which in turn build your muscle faster. It is tough to build muscles with just working with the machines. You need some of the isolated exercises that let you try different variations for building the muscles. Some of the exercises that you can try are squats, military presses, rows, deadlifts, loaded carries, etc. These exercises will not take much of your stamina and will also give you the best results.

Muscle Building Nutrition – How to Fuel Your Body Building Efforts

Along with doing the right amount and type of exercises, it is also important to select the right muscle building meal plan. The right and balanced diet plan will provide your body with the needed amount of nutrients and protein levels that will enhance the process of building the muscles. Make sure that you select the right muscle gain supplements after analysing every aspect of the supplement and also after consulting with the doctors to avoid any allergies or side effects.

To get the maximum benefits from the meal, you can also divide your meals into two parts. One can be your pre-workout meal, and the other can be your post-workout meal. The number of proteins, fat, and carbohydrates can vary during these two diet plans which may depend on the need of the body.

Pre-workout Diet Plan

The pre-workout diet plan can be consumed 1 to 3 hours before the workout training so that you can get the required amount of nutrients to kick-start your workout session. You can include the following in the diet:

  • Protein: 25 – 40g
  • Fat: 10 – 15g
  • Carbohydrates: 25 – 40g

These figures can also vary as per the structure and build on your body and can be even lesser for the obvious reasons.

Post-Workout Diet Plan

The post work diet is also very essential just like the pre-workout diet. The post-workout items should be consumed within 90 minutes after completing the training for getting the best results from them.

You must include the following in your diet plan:

  • Protein: a minimum of 30 – 50g
  • Fat: 10 – 15g
  • Carbohydrates: a minimum of 30 – 50g

Both the diet plans will help your body to get the sufficient amount of nutrients that will enhance its speed and efficiency to gain the desired amount of muscle weight. This diet plan can be supported with the best muscle building supplements.

How Long Does It Take to Build Muscle

There is no specified time for defining any specific time for building the desired muscle size. It entirely depends on the type of exercise you are doing, the muscle growth supplements that you are trying along with your efforts that you are putting in the complete process. The average gain that is estimated if you will eat and train yourself in the right manner is predicted to be as 20-25 lbs. This may also vary person to person and from efforts to efforts. You should stick to the developed plan unless and until you gain at least this much gain and then they should switch to the other set of exercise and plan.

The exercises that you should try: Exercise is the answer to most of your bodybuilding questions like how to gain muscle mass, how to get muscles or how to build muscle mass. Exercising in the right manner will give you the right result. There are many exercises that you can try out, to begin with, you must try the exercises that hold the potential to provide you with the maximum benefits within less time span.

Some of the exercises that you can try for your beginning of the workout sessions which will help you in preparing your body to do the heavier workout sessions later are as follows:

  1. Squats: Squats is the basic exercise that trainers recommend every beginner. This form of exercise targets the quads, hamstrings and the glutes area. This is also one of the essential and basic compound exercises that will target the majority of the body parts if you do it with proper stability and balancing.
  2. Deadlifts: Deadlifts is yet another exercise that aims at targeting your entire body during the workout and therefore is one of the most recommended exercises by the trainers. The exercise affects the back, glutes, hamstrings and the traps of the body. This is one of those exercises that improve the entire body stability and consistency.
  3. Chin-ups: Chin-ups is the right exercise that you can do to target your back along with supporting your lat development. Chin-ups are the exercise that lets you get an instant and the best results for your back and lat. For getting faster and effective results, you can try doing a set of 10 chin-ups with your normal body weight following the set of 10 chin-ups with some additional weight attached to your body. The additional weight will help in increasing the efficiency of your workout.
  4. Bent over rows: If you are a fan of that coveted V-shape of your favourite bodybuilder, then you must try the bent over rows exercise. This exercise can be tried in many variations and forms. This is a much-needed exercise that will enhance the shape of your middle and upper back.
  5. Bench press: This is another exercise that delivers maximum results by targeting most of the body muscles. The exercise can be tried in many variations and forms, and every form and variation delivers the same amount of efficiency that every beginner bodybuilder may look for.

The exercise is the mass builder majorly targets the triceps, deltoids and the chest area. There are many other exercises that you can try but doing these basic exercises with consistency and patience will increase your performance and will help you in building the right amount of muscle mass and strength. These exercises are so done that they don’t drain the entire energy from your body and also gives you the needed boost in your body along with pushing you towards the ultimate goal of developing and building your body in the best and desirable possible manner.


Muscle building is not that tough if you are getting the right training in the right direction. You can easily gain a sufficient amount of muscle weight if you follow the right set of instructions and guidelines. As a necessity, you have to be very wise when making many desirable decisions. Out of the many decisions, you must choose the right mentor or instructor for you who can help you in getting all the right essentials for getting in your desired shape and gain the perfect muscle size.

After deciding the weight training mentor, you must divert your focus on setting the goals that you want to achieve. Keep in mind that you cannot be Arnold the very first day of your start. It will require you to invest the right amount of efforts and the sufficient amount of time for achieving the desired results. To help you keep motivated, you can keep track of all the numbers that you have reached and which are still to be achieved. This will increase the motivation level in you, and you will always feel motivated to do more.

You can see the basic numbers that you can get from squats gains, for muscle gains and for losing the fat in the comparison table below:

[[ table ]]

This comparison table will help you to be sure that you are moving in the right direction and are working to move towards the desired numbers. Although, these numbers are not fixed and may vary from person to person because of the physique of the person and many other related factors.

Therefore, you must not consider these numbers as the final numbers when estimating your results. These figures are just for providing you with an average reference that can help you feel motivated when working out.

Muscle building is the trend that everyone is following and is trying to have an impactful personality better than the other person. Therefore you must also focus on putting your best foot forward and achieving the defined set of goals for yourself. But while doing so don’t compare yourself with others. Have patience with your body and see it developing in wonders with time.