WonderArms Total Arm Workout System Review

The WonderArms – Total Arm Workout System for arms is a great addition to the fitness word, especially suited for women. Its design works to target the triceps muscles, although it is typically marketed as a product that works to fight the ongoing issue of underarm bulges that hang below the arms when they’re lifted. Using a single machine, you can skip the gym and work out at home instead. These resistance bands work to target the shoulders and arms while including a bit of … Read more

5 Awesome Reasons to Join Your Local Group Bootcamp Workout

The benefits of bootcamp workouts are numerous. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your physical condition, or just have fun, you owe it to yourself to try a bootcamp workout. Quickest Way to Get in Shape A boot camp fitness program – when done consistently, meaning 4-5 days a week – is one of the quickest ways to whip your body into shape. Why, you ask? Boot camp exercises are very intense exercises to begin with it. Now mix those hard core exercises up … Read more

Calisthenics – Beginners Advice

What comes to mind when you think about calisthenics? Children doing their morning exercises at school? Military men performing boring exercises in their fatigue uniforms? Jumping jacks and sit-ups are old school movements that most people don’t have much enthusiasm to do. But, when they were included in the boot camps, obstacle race training, and Crossfit, people became more interested and excited to perform calisthenics. This can be attributed to the more improved packaging and marketing that convince people to try them. What is Calisthenics? … Read more