WonderArms Total Arm Workout System Review

The WonderArms – Total Arm Workout System for arms is a great addition to the fitness word, especially suited for women. Its design works to target the triceps muscles, although it is typically marketed as a product that works to fight the ongoing issue of underarm bulges that hang below the arms when they’re lifted. Using a single machine, you can skip the gym and work out at home instead. These resistance bands work to target the shoulders and arms while including a bit of … Read more

5 Awesome Reasons to Join Your Local Group Bootcamp Workout

The benefits of bootcamp workouts are numerous. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your physical condition, or just have fun, you owe it to yourself to try a bootcamp workout. Quickest Way to Get in Shape A boot camp fitness program – when done consistently, meaning 4-5 days a week – is one of the quickest ways to whip your body into shape. Why, you ask? Boot camp exercises are very intense exercises to begin with it. Now mix those hard core exercises up … Read more

Building Shoulder Muscles – Best 5 Exercises

An upper body is not complete without strong and muscular shoulders. Your arms, back, and chest maybe big but when you don’t have big, round delts that pop, you’re overall look will not be as great as you want it to be. You might be pouring lots of hours and sweat to work on those shoulders but only to be disappointed. It’s not easy to build impressive shoulders, you need to work on them a lot in the right way and you must have the … Read more

Calisthenics – Beginners Advice

What comes to mind when you think about calisthenics? Children doing their morning exercises at school? Military men performing boring exercises in their fatigue uniforms? Jumping jacks and sit-ups are old school movements that most people don’t have much enthusiasm to do. But, when they were included in the boot camps, obstacle race training, and Crossfit, people became more interested and excited to perform calisthenics. This can be attributed to the more improved packaging and marketing that convince people to try them. What is Calisthenics? … Read more

Importance of Amino Acids In Bodybuilding

Protein and bodybuilding have gone hand in hand for a long time. Whole proteins were the earliest bodybuilding “supplements.” Milk and whole eggs started it. Scientists quickly isolated the building blocks in protein. The amino acids were isolated and later it was determined that some of those amino acids were essential for muscular growth. It was also discovered that some amino acids are produced by the body, while others must be taken in through the diet. The latter are called essential amino acids. Macronutrients (such … Read more

Skinny Guys Guide to Building Muscle

If you are skinny of course, you can still build muscle. However, you need to know how to go about it. It isn’t as simple as just signing up for a gym membership and then lifting weights 3 to 4 times per week. The first muscle building tip on building muscle quickly: To go from skinny to building muscle, you will need to ensure you are eating enough to gain muscle and weight. To determine what your daily caloric needs are for gaining muscle and … Read more

6 Tips For Gaining Muscle Mass

No one wants to hear it, but the truth is that most guys never gain more than a few pounds of muscle. It doesn’t matter how much work they do. Does this describe you? Working for hours at the gym and never seeing the bulk you’re trying to gain? Being in good health can sometimes feel like a consolation prize. Sure, it’s the thing you should be trying to gain. But it’s hard to see good health. It’s easy to see bulging quads and biceps. … Read more

Want To Build Muscle Fast? Caffeine Supplements Can Help!

Caffeine has benefits that help you increase your muscle mass, and more research is finding more all the time. Caffeine is certainly among the cheaper substances on the market, which makes it a very affordable supplement for muscle building. Research is showing all the time more and more that caffeine use before weight training blunts the intensity of the pain and reduces any soreness you feel after the fact. Additionally, it might even strengthen muscles. Benefits of Caffeine Supported By Studies and Research Research from … Read more

How Long Should You Be Resting Between Sets

You may not be aware that the time taken to rest between each set has significant effects on the results you achieve through training. Here is advice on the length of time you should be resting between your sets in association to these three goals: 1. If you are in search of a way to achieve the benefits in regards to increased circuit type or metabolic training. Or you are looking for a way to increase muscle endurance. You should be resting between 20 to … Read more